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Rubber speed cushion

 Model No.:SC-01A

 Left end      - 1000x900x65 mm - 45 kg

 Middle        - 1000x900x65 mm - 50 kg

 Right end    - 1000x900x65 mm - 45 kg

 Connected  - 3000x1800x65 mm - 280 kg

 Loading capacity: 40 tons

 Material: recycled rubber

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The rubber speed cushion is made of the recycle rubber (mainly recycled tyres), pressed in the mould to form the shape and surface. The associated material will be added and the rubber will be vulcanized during the lamination to have the strong and compact inner structure. That's why the rubber speed cushion will not not warp, crack, crumble or corrode in outdoors and has long life.

The embedded reflective material on rubber speed cushion is highly visible in any weather conditions. The interleaved pattern on surface increase the friction, which has better deceleration effect and is nonskid, more safe for walking people or bicycles. The flexible rubber material would conform with any road condition of concrete or asphalt, there is no high requirment of the road surface.

There are bone shape channel of each part of the rubber speed cushion which makes each part can be connected easily and safely. Connected the end part and the middle part according to the need first, then connected them with the ground with long strong screws. Up to five places of screws ensure the use safety of the speed cushion.

With 65 mm thickness and at least 10 mm thickness at the edge, the compacted rubber speed cushion is extremly tough, which is able to load at least 40 tons weight. Also, the rubber material is resistant to extreme environment like the temperature flcutuation, UV light, oils, moisture and damage, which would save the maintenance time and makes the rubber speed cushion has long working life.

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