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Beads road stud

Product name: aluminum road stud with beads

Types: 43 beads aluminum road stud, road stud with cat eye

Model no.: AB1

Reflection types: beads, quantity: 43

Beads on single side or both sides

Standard: ASTM D4280


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  • Product name: casting aluminum road marker
  • Model no.: AB2
  • Type: aluminum pavement marker
  • Material: aluminum casting and reflective glass
  • Reflective lens at single or double sides
  • Sizes: 150x150x70 mm
  • Standard: ASTM D4280
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- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Size:150x150x20mm ( Stem:65mm)
- Reflective distance: more than 200meter
- Resist compression: 30tons
- Reflector: white, red , yellow
- Material of reflector: 4x7pcspcs glass beads reflector
- Water-resistant, oil-resisitant, chemical resistant

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